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GENUS has been designed to fit most of the wheels, from roadies’ to MTB’s: the hook is 8 cm deep. But it’s true that today quite a few cyclists, the triathletes among them, choose to ride on higher rim’s wheels. If you are one of them, you can still use our brilliant rack: it’s in fact available the HOOK XL, a smart accessory (11 cm deep) that allows to use the GENUS always, even if you decide to upgrade your wheels and give yourself a performance boost.

The HOOK XL is easy to mount. First, you unscrew the leather-covered pin from the original hook, then you unscrew the support from the back of the trunk, using for both the provided Allen key. After fastening the pin on the HOOK XL, you screw the support into the threaded holes positioned in the back of GENUS, setting it at the convenient height for your bike.