to create a compelling wonderland for cyclists: unique pieces of furniture that celebrate your cycling passion also at home, with premium quality, exclusive craftsmanship, smart innovation, groovy design



When we started imagining Vadolibero it was 2014. We were two established professionals in journalism and photography, who needed some change and shared a radical dream: pay tribute to that fabulous and revolutionary mechanical masterpiece called bicycle. Such an essential invention, yet so exceptionally powerful in making people’s life more beautiful. The bicycle for us is certainly the result of advanced engineering, but more than that it’s the path to freedom and passion: it’s the essence of design thinking, that blends functionality and aesthetics. Even more, for us beautiful bikes are works of art, that deserve to be enjoyed not only when you are on the saddle but also inside. As a painting or a sculpture. The world of interior design was our inspiration: we wanted to make high-end solutions that could open the front door to the beloved steed and make cyclists proud to showcase it also in the living room.


Our idea was to say the least audacious, considering we had never done anything like it before and that there was nothing similar on the market. But life often favours the brave. Firstly we had to find the name. How did we want to call that cyclists’ neverland? The inspiration came fast: Vadolibero. A sound, a poetic license that gives off the wonderful sensation filling the lungs and elating the brain when you are riding a bike: pure freedom of movement and thought. Then came the logo, that had to be a symbol representing us at glance. We were lucky enough to bump into a very special art director: as a tattoo of our brand soul, he stylised a handlebar, that evokes control but, as two spread wings, it’s also synonym of freedom.


We plunged into design with passion and obstinacy, trashing hundreds of sketches and renders. The next step? Make our ideas come true: it was the most difficult task, of course. We started looking for the best suppliers, without discounts and without hurry. We were aiming for the top and, more than one year later, we got there: we’ve found skilled craftsmen specialised in hand working with wood essences, rigid polyurethane, metals and leather, highly rated by international luxury brands. Today we can count on a supply chain of excellences, who are passionate about our vision and fly high the flag for made in Italy.


Our first creation was ORIGO, the innovative “butler” that takes care of the bicycle and the gear, keeping everything handy in one place, ready for the next ride: a slender and sophisticated piece of furniture, with a classy design, that comes with different veneers blending in the most elegant surroundings. Then we wanted to go further and we conceived DOMUS. As the extreme show off of the bicycle, this modular organiser frames the steed as a piece of art, granting also a wide storage space for the gear. But there is a climax detail: the clothes rack shaped as our handlebar - 2 meters and 30 centimetres of satin hand-finished stainless steel - is a LED lamp that, when evening comes, casts a spectacular light on the two wheels.


After launching ORIGO and DOMUS, Vadolibero began appearing on the coolest magazines around the globe, online and offline. And we started receiving encouraging messages from passionate cyclists writing us from all over the places; there were compliments, but also sad stories about bicycles being stolen, in garages and apartments, too. There came the idea of coming up with a solution to secure the frame and, at the same time, please the eye. Its name is KRYON, the only beautifully designed wall-mount that doubles as a lock. And its advanced version, provided with customisable features, allows to hang all bikes straight on the wall. KRYON assemblies 18 AISI-304 stainless steel components, that are bended, welded and finished by hand.


In three years time, the Vadolibero wonderland had taken shape. Helped by social media and the word of mouth from devoted fans, our creations began spreading around the globe, requested by private customers but also by the most futuristic bike concept stores that illuminated entrepreneurs are opening in many different countries, inspired by a new lifestyle approach. At that point our challenge was to develop another gene written in Vadolibero DNA: the bond between art and cycling. And here comes NEOS. The “cyclist’s butler” is transformed by a surprising, playful, essential design: inspired by the perfection of the egg shape, with a Pop Art twist, NEOS forges a curved space, designed in every detail to store cyclists’ technical equipment. Moreover, its rigid polyurethane surface (a versatile material that sets creativity free), the piece of furniture is like a white canvas: it can be customised with bespoke graphics that match the frame schemes, creating a unique installation. Vadolibero, the bicycle and the world of art: a perfect triangle. NEOS MAESTRO is the collection of one of a kind creations that will be made involving bike-loving artists. We had to begin with Basquiat inspired Dario Pegoretti, one of the most praised frame builders in the world, well-known for his hand painted schemes. A debut 100% made in Italy.


We still had to explore a fascinating area of interior design and find the way to contaminate it with cycling: lighting. We already had some ideas at the beginning of our creative adventure but we never had time to develop it, due to its technical complexity. Recently, thanks to some fortuitous coincidences (we have won an open competition for innovative design companies), we have taken seriously the new challenge. After several prototypes and field tests, VERTIK was born: the bike-storing lamp that brightens up the room as a luminous sculpture. And there is more. As for all our products functionality is essential, VERTIK has a smart additional benefit: it holds the bicycle straight, saving a lot of space. Adjustable, steerable, dimmable, provided with a touch sensor switch, stylish and easy to use, VERTIK is the space-saving solution that fits any bicycle.


Our story has just begun, but the world of Vadolibero has already a distinctive identity that is rounding the world thanks to the digital word of mouth: today we are known as the only high-end design collection dedicated to cyclists. And we are committed to keep on developing innovations, that make cyclist’s life more special.

To be continued...


Antonella Grua
co-founder & ceo

Ran Reuveni
co-founder & head of design