The ultimate celebration of your superb machine: here is the illuminated piece of furniture that turns your bike into a spectacular work of art. And stores the gear (and much more) in a neat, functional way.


The ultimate celebration of your superb machine: here is the illuminated piece of furniture that turns your bike into a spectacular work of art. And stores the gear (and much more) in a neat, functional way.

There is no other way to say it: DOMUS is simply the most spectacular storage system conceived to celebrate your bicycle, without compromising on functionality. Thanks to its essential design and smart details, this exclusive piece of furniture beautifully blends into the most sophisticated surroundings.

And it’s made special by a glamorous feature: the clothes rack – shaped like a stylized handlebar, mirroring Vadolibero logo – is a LED lamp, provided with a touch sensor switch. When evening comes, it casts an evocative light on your machine, showcasing it as the work of art it is.

The clothes rack is a 240 cm long rod, made of satin stainless steel, provided with a LED strip that you can dim with the touch sensor.

If you set the lamp at the maximum brightness, it helps you check the machine components. And don’t worry about the wood base: DOMUS comes with a regenerated leather mat, shaped as the base; it protects it from stains and scratches (you clean it with a damp cloth).

Two other accessories are included in the box. Once they are screwed into the threaded holes on the side panel, six solid wood pegs let you hang all kinds of accessories on both sides. Same purpose for the two leather hooks provided with a carabiner clip: fastened on the clothes rack, they store good looking gear (tip: keep one for yourself and use it as a cool key ring).

You can use DOMUS with every kind of bicycle. The width and the position of the satin stainless steel universal clamp can be easily adjusted to accommodate any wheel and handlebar’s size.

DOMUS is available in different wood essences: natural oakdark brown oak, black oak and the precious Canaletto walnut.They all have an elegant matte finish.

The frame is made of solid wood, in order to guarantee durability and resistance.


But the most striking feature of DOMUS, that any cyclist will immensely appreciate, is the neat and capacious storage space.

Designed to be the most efficient organizer, DOMUS is equipped with one big drawer and four small drawers. All drawers are provided with movable inner partitions, that let you divide the space according to your storage needs. In other words, you can store and organize everything you need to go cycling (and much more!), whether it is a commuter urban ride or an Mtb trip.

To help you stow your apparel with the smallest footprint, in the box you’ll find also four Organizer Bands, made of black elastic with Vadolibero embroidered logo in white: wrap your bib pants and jackets and store them neatly in the drawers.

The small drawers are supported by two cross partitions, to be placed in the side compartments of DOMUS base.

You can use the empty cubicles to store more cycling accessories or other stuff, like books and… wine bottles.

As all the drawers open on both sides, DOMUS can be used like a room divider: your bike becomes the center stage, from every side you look at it.

Designed to guarantee the easiest assembly (most of the hardware is already inserted into the wood panels), DOMUS has a modular structure.

If you want more storage space, you can add the Side Unit (50 cm wide) provided with four movable shelves, one big drawer and a polished steel  hanger bar for jerseys and jackets, already mounted on the ceiling panel.

It’s an endurable freestanding  element that hosts and displays  your cycling wardrobe, as well as attractive objects and artwork.

As a customizable storage system, DOMUS can beautifully adapt with your home and be set up to suit your needs. If you want it to harmoniously blend in with your living space décor, you can add the Mag Unit (35 cm wide): it’s been conceived for books and magazines.

This solid freestanding element has five shelves, each provided with 3 wood partitions of different height (you can arrange them as you like) and 2 plexiglass partitions to be positioned at the sides to have a nice see-through effect on the book covers. Functional, essential and chic.




  • height 200 cm
  • width 200 cm
  • handlebar 238 cm
  • depth 60 cm
  • weight 125 kg (4 pieces packaging)
  • Side Unit: 200x50x60 cm
  • Mag Unit: 200x35x60 cm


birch blockboard with matte natural/dark brown/black oakwood veneer or Canaletto walnut veneer, satin stainless steel LED lamp, 6 solid oakwood pegs, satin stainless steel wheel clamp, 2 leather hooks, 4 Organizer bands, assembly manual

Oak Wood Natural
Oak Wood Brown
Oak Wood Black
Walnut Canaletto
Delivery period: 6/8 weeks
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