Bike Safe S

the unique wall-mount that doubles as a lock

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The one you are looking at is not a simple bike stand. There is much more to it. A first in the market, Bike Safe S is the unique stainless steel wall-mount that doubles as a powerful lock, to give your precious bicycle extra security against thieves: at home, in the office, in the garage and even outdoors. Its sleek design makes it a versatile accessory that fits any kind of ambience.

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The stainless steel lock, a customized version designed for Bike Safe S, is provided with an anti picking radial pins tumbler cylinder (with over 250.000 different combinations) and it carries single keys (each Bike Safe has its own), that you use only to unlock it: it locks automatically. Bike Safe S bracket is 30 cm long: it fits all bikes’s handlebars up to 70 cm wide. If your frame’s top tube is not perfectly horizontal, you can slightly adjust the saddle inclination while you mount it on the wall, and hang your bike straight. Bike Safe S is made of AISI-304 stainless steel, a top quality alloy with a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel.

Bike Safe S is equipped with a Technogel™ pad to be sticked on the base, to avoid scratches and sliding. And that makes it very convenient to do maintenance: while your bicycle is safely parked on it, you can fix it and clean it. Last but not least, Bike Safe S is very easy to mount on the wall: we provide the security anchors and the targeting mask, you only need to use your drill.

Dedicated to the most refined taste, it’s available upon request a luxurious accessories kit, made of fine Italian leather: a soft saddle cover, a smart key ring with a carabiner and the wheel strap. You can choose among five colours – dark brown, black, white, yellow and red – and you have a special perk when you buy your Bike Safe S.

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min/max depth: 30 cm
base height: 14,5 cm
base width: 17 cm
plate diameter: 15 cm
weight: 3,6 kg

AISI-304 satin stainless steel, 4 security anchors, allen key, drill key, adhesive mask, stainless steel lock with 2 single keys included, Technogel™ pad, targeting mask

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