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Bike Butler X is the the deluxe edition of the iconic piece of furniture born to make cyclist’s life easier and more stylish. Designed to satisfy the classiest and most sophisticated tastes, it reinterprets the oak wood essence with a matte dark chocolate shade that reminds of British club boiserie: a posh piece of design that suits perfectly the most elegant ambience.


At home or in the office. Thanks to its sandblasting polished stainless steel base, you can easily change its place. And when you have decided the right spot, you can store not only your bike, but also all you need to ride it: the helmet, the lights, the locker, the gloves, scarves and tools, rainwear and… cycling shoes, too!

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In this classy version of the most efficient wall-pocket dedicated to cyclists, you can stuff in everything you need, thanks to a spacious drawer where we suggest to put helmet, scarf and gloves; a wide inner place (a convenient solution to store your cycling shoes!) and a vertical compartment, provided with a folding door and four hooks to hang keys, watches and sunglasses.


And there is more. On the top of Bike Butler X, the cable hole let you organize the recharging wires of your electronic devices (behind the drawer you can place a power strip and have one cable only plugged in the wall), while the four solid oak poles, to be screwed in the threaded holes on its sides, are perfect to hang bags, jackets, headphones and the lock.


The functionality of this sleek, efficient piece of bike furniture, a first in the market, here in Bike Butler X comes with a refined style that plays with precious materials and details. The curved profiles, made of solid oak wood, are hand milled; the assembly process, done manually, takes two days of work; the wood varnishing (inside and outside the cabinet) is done by hand.


One more detail. The oak wood matte chocolate hues are mirrored by the accessories made in precious dark brown tanned leather, hand-sewed: the pad on which you can prop the bike frame and the wheel strap. On request, it’s available a refined leather tray to be positioned on the top: you can benefit from a special perk if you choose it when you purchase your Bike Butler X.

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  • height: 130 cm
  • base height: 85 cm
  • top height: 45 cm
  • width: 30 cm
  • depth: 55 cm
  • weight: 24 kg


multi-layered birch with matte oak veneer, sandblasting polished stainless steel tube-shaped base, solid oak edges and poles, hand-sewed leather pad and wheel strap

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