Bike Butler S

… and let the music play!

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Spectacular and functional, as all creations signed by Vadolibero. Here comes a surprising sound edition of the unique cyclist’s “personal assistant”, designed to store the bicycle and all the riding accessories (shoes included!): Bike Butler S now doubles as a musical box, thanks to the high quality bluetooth amplifier (provided with remote control) and to the powerful speakers mounted on the sides of the wood cabinet!
You can now listen to your favorite playlists by simply connecting it via bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or computer. At home or in the office: thanks to the stainless steel tube-shaped base in fact, you can easily move around Bike Butlers S according to your needs.

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But there is more to it. Bike Butler S allows you to recharge your smartphone without using any cable: a portion of the top surface is in fact equipped with the wireless charging technology. You just prop your cell phone on it and the battery will be recharged! In addition, thanks to the 4 USB ports hub mounted behind the drawer, you can recharge other digital devices.
A high tech detail for a piece of furniture produced with the handcraft know-how that makes Italian high-end carpentry so special: after a careful selection of the oak wood plates, the cabinet solid wood edges are patiently assembled by hand and go through a manufacturing process that lasts more 48 hours.
Its exclusive features make Bike Butler S a creation that assigns an absolute value to every detail. And it’s meant to last a lifetime.

Bike Butler S is tinted by hand in a sophisticated dove grey shade, that adds a contemporary touch to the oak wood grain. It’s now available also the matte black version. The stainless steel freestanding base has a refined sandblasted finish.
In addition, Bike Butler S comes with a precious set of accessories made of the finest Italian leather, tinted a dark chocolate hue (or matte black): the contoured tray showing the wireless charging area, the frame pad and the wheel strap are handmade by one of the most renowned supplier of made in Italy luxury leather goods.

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  • height: 130 cm
  • base: 85 cm
  • top: 45 cm
  • width: 30 cm
  • depth: 55 cm
  • weight: 26 kg


multi-layered birch with oak wood veneer, satin stainless steel tube-shaped base, solid oakwood poles, Elipson IC4 speakers, Ampster bluetooth amplifier with remote control, Quinside wireless charger Q11001, Sitecom USB hub 4 ports CN-083, 3 leather accessories

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