Bike Butler C

the smart assistant every cyclist deserves

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Bike Butler C, that is the “classico”. The smartest bike stand around adopts a subtle and essential look: dedicated to those who love nature and open spaces, it evokes northern forests and pure mountain air with its maple flexuous woodgrain, and the matte finish magnifies the wood natural brightness.


The compact freestanding piece of furniture designed to hold the bicycle and store the gear, handcrafted and rigorously made in Italy, is a pleasant and discreet presence that fits any ambience.

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Thanks to its tube-shaped base, this stylish piece of furniture doesn’t need to be hung on the wall (forget anchors, drill and dust!). More than this, Bike Butler C is an efficient wall-pocket where you can store and organise everything you need to ride your bike. In every season.


The storage space has been optimised (30×55 cm): you can count on an ample drawer to accommodate the helmet, the gloves and the scarf; a vertical compartment equipped with a folding door and four hooks for keys, glasses, watches; and a big inner place where you can store your cycling shoes, tools, water bottle and… all the rest.


And there’s more to it. On the top, you’ll find the cable hole to manage usb lights, tablet and smartphone recharging: you can place a power strip behind the drawer, and have one wire only plugged in the wall. Bike Butler C comes with four solid maple poles, to be screwed in the threaded holes on the wood cabinet sides, where you can hang bags, locker, headphones and jackets.


Another refined feature is the precious accessory combo made of hand-sewed Italian leather, included in the box: the frame pad and the wheel strap, tinted in a sophisticated natural beige shade. Upon request, it’s also available a soft leather tray, to be placed on the top: you can benefit from a special perk if you choose it when you purchase your Bike Butler C.

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  • height: 130 cm
  • base height: 85 cm
  • top height: 45 cm
  • width: 30 cm
  • depth: 55 cm
  • weight: 24 kg


multi-layered birch with natural matte maple veneer, sandblasting polished stainless steel tube-shaped base, solid maple edges and poles, leather frame pad and wheel strap

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