Bike Butler B

full black outfit for the urban biker smartest assistant

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Bike Butler B, the black edition! No compromises on the rich, absolute black that defines its graphic, minimalistic style: here is the new urban version of the piece of bike furniture that has been published by websites and magazines around the world.


Dedicated to those who choose their bicycle also for its beauty, Bike Butler B magnifies the extreme geometries and pure lines of racing frames. And its cool, sharp look fits perfectly even vanguard design ambience.

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From beauty to functionality. Thanks to its matte black varnished tube-shaped base, Bike Butler B is freestanding: you can place it at home as in the office and then… change your mind!


More than this, this unique piece of furniture is the surprising fusion between a wall pocket and a mute servant: designed to optimise the storage space (30×55 cm), it takes care of the bicycle and all the accessories, personal and technical, you need to ride it. It includes in fact an efficient drawer where you can put the helmet, the gloves and the scarf; a vertical compartment with a folding door and four hooks to hang keys, watches and sunglasses; and an invisible inner space where you can store your cycling shoes, the water bottle and everything else!


Other biker-friendly features make Bike Butler B an exclusive indoor solution for cyclists. On the top, a cable hole let you organize the recharging wires of your electronic devices and, if you have many, you can place a power strip behind the drawer so that you’ll have one cable only plugged in the wall. It comes equipped with four solid oak wood poles (to be screwed in the threaded holes on the cabinet sides), that are perfect to hang bags and jackets.


The matte, yet luminous finish lets the oak woodgrain symmetric patterns shine through, creating a silken chiaroscuro effect. Full black matte finish also for the tinted leather accessories: the frame pad and the wheel strap, both hand-sewed. It’s available, upon request, also a precious leather tray to be placed ont he top: you can benefit from a special perk if you choose it when you purchase your Bike Butler B.

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  • height: 130 cm
  • base height: 85 cm
  • top height: 45 cm
  • width: 30 cm
  • depth: 55 cm
  • weight: 24 kg


multi-layered birch with matte oak veneer, sandblasting polished stainless steel tube-shaped base, solid oak edges and poles, hand-sewed leather frame pad and wheel strap

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