that more cyclists (and more cycles)
would make a better world.


Vadolibero is a philosophy, a way to live and think. Vadolibero is the freedom breath, the desire to be who you are, curious of the world and ready to seize the moment. Vadolibero is dedicated to those who choose to ride their bike because they love the breeze, the slow speed and that thud-thud of the heart beat.

our mission

Vadolibero is a Milan-based new company born with a mission: design and create smart solutions dedicated to those who love and use their bike, seldom or every day, men or women of every age and latitude.
A collection of products never seen before, they truly make the biker’s life easier, his biking experience special.

After a careful scouting around the world to pick the best solutions made to turn the bike riding into a way of life, Vadolibero aims to create what it’s not there yet: exclusive products conceived for those who, like us, live the bike as an expression of themselves.

Since not every product is made equal, here in Vadolibero we want to put in more heart, mind and time to bring to life a special world designed for the bikers, with high rate of passion, creativity and innovation.
A world made of refined materials, top quality and best craftsmanship, revolved around the bauhaus inspired relation between form and function, performance and beauty.

All products by Vadolibero are conceived with a maniac attention to the bike-friendly details, because we believe that small things can make a big difference. We want to spread the cycling attitude, because it’s a cool way to live, free and sustainable. All products by Vadolibero are designed and made in Italy.


Antonella Grua
co-founder & ceo

a lifestyle journalist who is convinced that bicycles can make a better world: with a mix of logic and intuition, she rides the steed enjoying the breeze

Ran Reuveni
co-founder & head of design

a portrait photographer in love with cycling: “nothing is impossible” is his motto, that rules his creative mind, his aesthetic vision and his obsession for details



  1. it makes you see the world through different eyes. and when you are plen-air, you fully enjoy smelling, hearing and touching around
  2. it makes the heart and the big lungs stronger
  3. it shapes buns of steel and chiseled legs
  4. it’s definitely faster than walking, and even faster than cars in short distance trips (up to 6 km): and while drivers honk at each other, you feel the breeze and enjoy the sights off the roadside
  5. it grants unlimited parking place, even downtown: you can store a dozen bicycles in a single car-sized parking place
  1. it reduces stress and the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes
  2. it doesn't pollute air and ears
  3. it burns fat, not gasoline: pedalling only 10mph, a 140-pound cyclist burns about 400 calories an hour. you can cancel your gym membership. and no waiting in line for the treadmill
  4. it provides a democratic mobility: from children to... the wisest people
  5. cyclists are better lovers. according to a study led by Dr. Romualdo Belardinelli, director of the Lancisi Heart Institute in Ancona (Italy), the aerobic effects of a ride are comparable to Viagra, because both widen blood vessels