November 16, 2015


In the last months we have received so many emails, from all over the world, asking how to buy our products. Well, we’ve managed even the smallest details – from production to delivery – and today, the 22nd of October, we are proud to announce that we finally begin our online sales. We want to thank you all, for your enthusiasm and… patience. We know that when it comes to passions it’s difficult to wait, but now we are ready to offer you our unique solutions to create “happy corners” in your living room, too.

“I’m really impressed by your creativity”
“Bike Shelf: I want to have one for my office”
“I’ll wait but… I must have it!”

Please consider that we are (still) a niche company, we haven’t stocked infinite quantities of Bike Butler and Bike Shelf… So, if you are interested in purchasing one, don’t hesitate, in order to avoid the waiting list.

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