January 27, 2016


Vadolibero has been spreading his vision really fast on the web, as the incredible amount of posts and articles we received confirms. But it’s true that the easiest way to appreciate the refined beauty and the premium quality of the two Bike Butler and the Bike Shelf is to look at them live. Well, write down this address: Impero del Ciclismo, corso Sempione 41 in Milan. The whole Ride Home Collection is available in this unique showroom, that has nothing to do with the traditional bike shop: more than 300 square meters with a large assortment of bikes, accessories, components, specialized repair services, a confortable lounge. And an amazing tropical fish tank. It’s worth seeing it!

“The showroom is a new way
to conceive and enjoy cycling, suitable
for the pros and for amateurs, too”.

In other words, it’s the perfect place to experience the world of Vadolibero: the iconic Bike Butler, the special assistant in Finnish birch wood, Bike Butler+, the luxury version in wenge tinted oak wood, equipped with precious leather accessories hand-sewn. And Bike Shelf, the spectacular “illuminated library” that turns your bike into a piece of pure design!

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